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Phelps County is smack in the middle of high plains farm country. It is archetypically Midwestern, but has a modern edge. This site is just the place to explore life in Phelps County, whether you are exploring your options or are lucky enough to already live here.

Holdrege, Nebraska

Holdrege, Nebraska If you’re looking for a community that combines old-fashioned small town values and amenities with great modern conveniences, we invite you to check out Holdrege. It’s just the place to find the best of both worlds. more about Holdrege

Bertrand, Nebraska

Bertrand, NebraskaIf you’re looking for a town where you feel like you quickly know about half the inhabitants, you might like Bertrand. It’s just the place for good neighbors. more about Bertrand

Loomis, Nebraska

Loomis, NebraskaIn 2006, BusinessWeek Magazine picked Loomis as one of the top 25 places in the country to raise a child. This undiscovered gem might be just the place for your family. more about Loomis

Funk, Nebraska

Funk, NebraskaIf you’re looking for a town that combines indoors and outdoors, today and tomorrow, volunteer work and hobbies, consider Funk. It might be just the place for you. more about Funk

Atlanta, Nebraska

Atlanta, NebraskaIf you want to live in town with close neighbors but want a big sky out your window, you might like Atlanta. It’s just the place to combine town and country.more about Atlanta

Phelps County News

What is LB840?

Phelps County residents were recently invited to participate in meetings to define priorities for community needs in the next 15 years.

The first session educated the public on LB840, economic development, and the past uses of LB840. Ov...
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Looking for a simple way to increase employee productivity and morale?

An employee wellness plan might be a great way to lead employees to healthier lifestyles, higher productivity and a healthier bottom line.

According to statistics presented by the YMCA of the Prairie, workers who exercise regularly tend...
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Free Lots In Loomis Are All Spoken For

By Stuart Osborn, Bertrand Herald Reporter

In the spring of 2008, the Village of Loomis joined a growing number of small communities in central Nebraska in offering home lots for next to nothing in order to attract new residents.

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